The Watch Customer Experience in Bienne: Small Things Make a Big Difference

October 19, 2023

As you may know if you've been here before, I love buying pre-owned watches. The variety, the serendipity, and the story behind each piece are a lot more magical to me than a thick carpet, engineered lighting and unscratched, shiny cases. For that

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Interview: Marc Montagne, Author of “Invest in Watches: the Art of Watch Collecting”

September 4, 2023

While Marc Montagne has become a close friend over the years, I am first and foremost a fan of his (although please don't tell him). We met in 2015 after I reached out as a reader of his fantastic Quora contributions and as

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One Watch at a Time, Bienne Secretly Shines Around the World

July 4, 2023

What do Martin Luther King, JFK, the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep and Neil Armstrong have in common? They notoriously spent some of the most important moments in their life with a watch made in Bienne around their wrist. Like millions of people over

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At the Source: the One and Only Omega Boutique in Bienne

June 8, 2023

Friendly, relaxed and fun are usually not words associated with a luxury watch retail environment. Yet, they immediately come to mind whenever I step into the Omega headquarters boutique in Bienne. Don't get me wrong: none of the high endness you would expect

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Vintage Speedmaster Trends: an Interview with Julien Vallon

November 15, 2022

Julien Vallon likes to fly under the radar. But those who know Swiss watchmaking circles are well aware of his role as one of its important players. Like both sides of the Moon, but without a dark one, Vallon runs two distinct

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The Original Speedmaster and the Day I Realized I Had a Tacho-Productometer on the Wrist

September 19, 2022

Like most watch fans, I love Speedmasters. While I only ever own a few watches at a time (compulsive minimalist tendencies), the Speedy is the only reference that I've simultaneously possessed in different variations. And while this post

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Everyday Watches: Triple Wristing with the Artworth Brothers

September 12, 2022

You may have already stumbled upon the Artworth Brothers on Instagram. The 3 young men from Bienne have a following equivalent to 4 times the population of our city! Their content is always very suave, mixing watches with cars

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Everyday Watches: Nesat Demirovski and His Aqua Terra

August 21, 2022

A new series showcasing the relationship people have with what Bienne does best: their everyday watch. Episode One. Nesat Demirovski is as «made in Bienne» as it gets

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12 Cool Bienne Watch Facts You May Not Know

July 26, 2022

Earlier this month, I asked on Instagram if folks preferred a post about cool unknown Bienne watch facts, or one about what makes Bienne...  Earlier this month, I asked on Instagram

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The MoonSwatch, Anchoring Omega for Decades to Come

June 13, 2022

Guest Post - For the first time on MIB, a post not written by yours truly, but by a guest author, conveniently also called Alex. Alex is no stranger to this blog, having already been interviewed by the other Alex (still following?)

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