Time Files is a blog about the Swiss watch scene.   

Hi! My name is Alex. When I moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, and was lucky enough to land in Bienne, at the heart of the watch industry, my passion for watches reached new heights. There is something so special about being here, where it all happens. The love of watchmaking is deeply rooted in society and the culture, in a way that feels particularly authentic and wholesome. We are far from the watch as a status symbol or asset class.   

In Bienne, Le Locle or the Vallée-de-Joux, to name a few, it is not only about the brands we all know but also about the thousands of specialized suppliers who produce the most essential and yet often intricate and unexpected pieces of the watch puzzle. I felt so privileged, and excited, to witness all this on a daily basis that I wanted to share it with fellow watch enthusiasts from everywhere. 

I initially focused on Bienne, a treasure still hidden to many, with a blog called Made in Bienne, created in 2020. As my understanding of the Swiss watch scene increased, and at the request of readers, I expanded the geographic scope in March 2024 to also include other areas of Switzerland. The new name, Time Files, reflects this evolution, and the tagline — the watch blog made in Bienne — highlights the project’s strong local roots.