A New Gold Coin Makes Swiss Watchmaking and Bienne Artist WES 21 Shine

September 29, 2022

Today, the link between traditional watchmaking and collectable coins reaches a new, unprecedented level: Swissmint is launching "Timemachine", a gold coin celebrating the Swiss watchmaking tradition. With a face value of

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The Original Speedmaster and the Day I Realized I Had a Tacho-Productometer on the Wrist

September 19, 2022

Like most watch fans, I love Speedmasters. While I only ever own a few watches at a time (compulsive minimalist tendencies), the Speedy is the only reference that I've simultaneously possessed in different variations. And while this post

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Rolex: Remembering and Fact-checking the First Ever Chronometer Certified Wristwatch

September 15, 2022

One thing Rolex is famous for, and rightly so, is the precision of its watches. Anyone who has owned a contemporary (and in many cases also a vintage) one can attest to how reliable the timekeeping is. Relentless focus on quality

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Everyday Watches: Triple Wristing with the Artworth Brothers

September 12, 2022

You may have already stumbled upon the Artworth Brothers on Instagram. The 3 young men from Bienne have a following equivalent to 4 times the population of our city! Their content is always very suave, mixing watches with cars

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Electing the Bienne Watch of the Year

September 10, 2022

So here we are. Days in Switzerland are getting shorter, cooler and more wet. With the steaming summer we've had, this can actually feel like a good thing. As we move into the more "serious" parts of the year, it's time to think

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Dario Ratti, the Young Watchmaker in the Old Town

September 1, 2022

Full disclosure: Dario is one of my best friends. But aside from all the reasons why I think he's such a great human being, he's an amazing watchmaker. How else could he have imposed himself as the "go-to" person to bring back to

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