The MoonSwatch, Anchoring Omega for Decades to Come

June 13, 2022

Guest Post - For the first time on MIB, a post not written by yours truly, but by a guest author, conveniently also called Alex. Alex is no stranger to this blog, having already been interviewed by the other Alex (still following?)

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Understanding “Speedy Tuesday”, the Watch World Phenomenon Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

May 16, 2022

A few months ago, like many watch enthusiasts do every week, I posted a photo of an Omega Speedmaster on Instagram with the...  A few months ago, like many watch enthusiasts do every week,

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Watches with “Bienne” on the Dial

May 6, 2022

Watches are very much about provenance. Where a timepiece was made is a key part of its history, its quality and, well, its value. Many...  Watches are very much about provenance

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Interview : The Speedmaster Collector Who Dreams of Visiting Bienne

April 11, 2022

Alex lives in Paris. He and his wife are the proud parents of four daughters. Alex is also a watch person. In particular, he has a thing for Speedmasters, as his Instagram account clearly shows, especially on Tuesdays. Ever since Omega became his

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A Special Day Watching the MoonSwatch Take Off from Bienne

March 27, 2022

Both the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch and Swatch have made history in their own right over the past decades. Yesterday, in arguably the most anticipated and crowd-moving launch the watch industry has ever know, they did it together

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The Almost Secret Original Omega Site in Bienne

March 23, 2022

When one thinks Bienne and OMEGA, images of the large facilities by the Suze river come to mind. Combining historical buildings and recent additions by the famous Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, they are among the most notorious and beautiful

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Interview: Raynald Aeschlimann, President & CEO of Omega

March 7, 2022

On a sunny Friday morning in February, Raynald Aeschlimann, the President and CEO of Omega, opened his office to Made in Bienne. After a few moments on the terrace, where he gave an improvised masterclass on the watchmaking sites

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Understanding Shigeru Ban’s Swatch & Omega Headquarters with Philip Jodidio

January 17, 2022

For the second episode of the “Bienne Makers” series, we'll be spending some time on the fascinating bridge between architecture and watchmaking with the globally renowned architecture author Philip Jodidio

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Talking Bienne, Watches & More with Robert-Jan Broer

December 13, 2021

"Bienne Makers” is a new series of interviews with those who contribute to the town’s unique position in the world of watchmaking. To kick it off, a very special guest: Robert-Jan Broer, founder of leading online watch magazine Fratello Watches

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Understanding the Lunar Module Outside Omega HQ

July 20, 2020

If you're enough into watches to be reading this, you most likely already know the deep ties between Omega and NASA, in particular when it comes to the Moon. This has been very much documented, and recommended reading on the matter is provided

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