JFK’s Inauguration Watch at the Omega Museum

January 20, 2023

When writing a new blog post, I always try to look for a catchy title. Not clickbait, of course, but something that briefly summarizes why, in my humble opinion, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read it. That usually implies correlating the

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From Bienne to Your Dream Watch with Miguel Bolea

January 8, 2023

Every time I think I’ve just about seen it all in the world of Bienne watchmaking, someone proves me wrong. Miguel Bolea did just that. He is the founder of DYW Bespoke. DYW stands for “Develop Your Watch”.

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Electing the Bienne Watch of the Year

September 10, 2022

So here we are. Days in Switzerland are getting shorter, cooler and more wet. With the steaming summer we've had, this can actually feel like a good thing. As we move into the more "serious" parts of the year, it's time to think

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At Horage, Thinking Different Is the Norm

April 6, 2022

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing quite a few watch companies from the inside. But visiting Horage's research and production facility in Bienne was a pretty unique experience. Something about their mindset is different, “disruptive”

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Wristwatches Now Mandatory as of Age 6 in Bienne Schools

April 1, 2022

An unprecedented measure is set to take place as of the beginning of the next school year in Bienne: starting Monday, August 15 2022, all children of age 6 and above will be required to wear a wristwatch when attending school

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