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So here we are. Days in Switzerland are getting shorter, cooler and more wet. With the steaming summer we’ve had, this can actually feel like a good thing. As we move into the more “serious” parts of the year, it’s time to think of how to make the winter more fun. On top of skis, fondue and a cosy fireplace, what about a little watch award?

Of course, this blog is no GPHG. Nothing official, ceremonial, or prestigious to expect. BUT, with the small community we’ve started to form over the past year, we have a few things to offer:

  • 100% independent from the brands: nominations can come from anyone and no brand will be involved in the process
  • Super simple: there will be a single watch winner, no categories, no special prizes
  • Community-centric: the vote will take place on Instagram, 100% user driven (no jury).

So, what’s next? As much as I’d love to just get going, we obviously have to wait a bit: the year is far from over! Nominations will take place in the second half of November. The vote will be in stages, throughout December.

That said, now is already a good time to start thinking about who you want to nominate. And because, as Monica Geller famously said, “rules help control the fun”, here we go:

  • The watch must have been commercially released in 2022.
  • The brand must have its HQ in Bienne, with one exception: Rolex. The reason for this exception is that Bienne hosts Rolex’s largest production site. The brand, born in Bienne, is also the city’s largest employer.
  • When there are multiple cosmetic variants of the same model launched in 2022 (eg, MoonSwatch or the new generation of Speedmaster 1957), that will count as just one model for nomination. I.e., Mission to Mars and Mission to Neptune will both count as ´MoonSwatch´.
  • When a previously existing model is released in a new cosmetic variant only (eg green dial Oyster Perpetual or Seamaster Diver 300), it cannot be nominated.
  • Price both matters and does not matter. What I mean here is that a watch from any price point can be nominated. However, if you think the watch is poorly priced and does not give good value for what the customer will pay… do you really want to nominate it?
  • Last but not least: the key criteria. Look, it just needs to be a great watch in your view. Whether it’s great because of the design, the function, the movement decoration or complexity, it’s all good for as long as the watch is one you love.

I’ll be back in touch with more details on the process as we get closer to the nomination period in November. In the meantime, more than ever, now is a good time to keep our eyes out for watches made in Bienne! And of course, until then, if any questions, please let me know.

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1 year ago

This should be interesting…

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